Following my dreams....................

ARPITHA G R    2015-07-20 14:47:50

I completed my 2nd pu this year and I am about to join engineering in Mysore, Karnataka.I too was fed up of this marks based education system.I am really happy to be a part of learn labs so that I could learn something apart from gaining marks. I really feel proud about Mihir Pathak who came up with the idea of learn labs . I got to know about him in the newspaper .

When I completed my 2nd pu everyone were forcing me to join medical as many people goes to engineering and there is no much scope to that.But I am really happy as I came up with my interest. My question is why the society can't understand the child's feelings and there is more importance for marks,jobs,position than the child's interested field .Why society can't let go . Learn labs is a revolution which gives importance to the child's interest and help the students to find their way.

I have read a book called "The little girl at the window" written by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi. In this book she explains about her school in Japan where Mr.Kobayashi was the headmaster.He understands children and strive to develop their qualities of mind.Children learns happily there .The school let the children to follow their interest.This is very special about Mr.Kobayashi. So I would like to suggest to read this book as this really helps.

Thanks to Mihir for doing such a great job.I am really interested in helping students to follow their dreams.Lets learn together rather than study.

The Birth of Learn Labs

Adhira Isaac    2015-05-02 16:21:54

Who am I? A question every human being wants an answer to.
Every human being in this world is trying to find their own identity, an identity that will differentiate them from the rest, an identity that is true to themselves. But how many of us are given that liberty and guidance to explore that inner self?

Education plays an important role in this search of self identity and in this journey of self realization. But unfortunately, our current education system fails to give us this opportunity. It is time for a change, for people and the education system to have a different outlook at education, Education has to move ahead from just knowing to understanding. “Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.” This chinese proverb describes exactly the purpose of education, involving leads to understanding. There are a lot of people who are doing their bit to influence and change the education system, the efforts range from developing iPad apps to starting a new school. There have been a rise in the alternative methods of education, child physiologists and researchers are trying their best to find a solution.

Mihir Pathak, the founder of the learn labs was also caught up in this spiral of the flawed education system, he failed to understand himself and his own identity and hence he started on this journey of exploring and contributing to this change. He began this journey from his school in a village, he went back to his school in order to identify the root causes of the problem. He also realized that the school lacked the basic infrastructure that will allow a wholistic development of a student. He realized that there were no qualified teachers and no resources to learn english, and the education involved rout learning and no real life or application based learning that was used. He then spent his time studying the various educational models that was been used in different countries, he visited alternative education centers and met up with many educators and he began learning about these methods. He also researched project based, application based and experimental learning methods, there was something he noticed that led to the beginning of this dream- “learnlabs”. It was that children can learn themselves, all that was needed was an environment and the opportunity to be learners. He decided to design a school, which is now our model school that uses innovative teaching and learning methods, a school that was child centric and learner driven. This school will help the children become sculptors of their own future, a school which will allow the students to find their true identities.

There were a lot of things in my early stages of school life, that I wouldn’t understand as a student. I didn’t know the reason behind a lot of things my teachers taught me, that has definitely hindered a complete knowledge of those things. When the basics go wrong, a student finds it hard to move ahead and learn other things. But fortunately, I completed my high school in a education system that gave me that application based learning and it definitely helped me discover my self and find my real identity. But even today, there are a lot of things that still remain a question in my head because I wasn’t clear on the basics. School was not enjoyed, it was a struggle and it still remains for many students out there. The root cause lies in the fact that our education system is not child centric, or learner driven. Hence, I am here working with Mihir in making his dream a reality. I decided to be a part of this project because it was time for a change. If not now, then when? If not us, then who? I want to be the change that people want to see.

Mihir, then finally started making modules, and collecting resources for this dream project. He began to develop the school as a Lab for the various experiments, and through this model school, we aim to spread the best practice to other schools. During this time, we started connecting with various homeschoolers, educators, engineers, designers, operation experts and digital content makers.

This dream does not remain just Mihir’s anymore. It has become our team’s, he has managed to put together a team that will make his dream, now ours become a reality. Lakhan Samani, helped in building a website and he will be heading the technical development team at learn labs along with Kashyap Ashara. Mihir will be heading our learning team, working on the various methods to be implemented at our model school. Mr. Nagendra Phanse, retired army man and Suresh Jain, retired engineer have joined us as our directors, they will be our guides and have also contributed to the initial funding of our project. Alish Vaghadiya has offered to help us with the operations. We also have a few people who will join Mihir in this journey, Ami desai, a primary school teacher by profession and will join the learning team, Prayag Pathak, a senior developer will be joining the engineering team and myself (Adhira Isaac) will be soon joining the communications and PR team. Our school 'sharda mandir' ( is located in a village called 'Goraj' near Vadodara, Gujarat IND and it is run and supported by a NGO named Muni Seva Ashram (

Revolution- Coming Soon

Mihir Pathak    2015-04-01 08:41:26

Dear friends and family,
I am very grateful to you for giving me continues support and love.

Learnlabs - this journey started before two years in my mind and now 'Dream comes true'. I am shaping my dream with 100% efforts and dedication. 'learnlabs' is not only 'project' 'starts up' 'venture' 'school' or 'NGO', for me it is an 'revolution'... revolution for freedom.It includes freedom of learning - freedom to express yourself - freedom of creativity - freedom to question-freedom with responsibility.

In simple words...
Learnlabs is a community of students and adults interested in learning about ourselves and our relationship with the world. This learning involves not only academics and other life skills, but also a deeper exploration about our emotions and thought processes and the way we respond to the challenges of life.

But how it can be possible in school ?
We don't need 'smart class' or any high class infrastructure to start this revolution. our students just need 'freedom' to explore, express and lead there selves. They need your guidance, support and love. Give them opportunity to learn by them selves.

We are dedicated to develop model on this philosophy. we are going to start pilot project from June 2015 at one school near by Vadodra- Gujarat IND. Right now we are building the community who believe in our ideas.

We assembled world class team of educators, engineers, designers and operations experts. our engineering team is working hard to make website and other learning tools for students of 21st century. And our 'learning team' is developing learning resources and content. we are very careful about designing of our website's wire frame to our school's classroom.

If you are interested to learn more about our ideas and concepts, feel free to write us.

Reason Behind Learnlabs

Kashyap Ashara    2015-03-28 09:40:53

Education is basic need for a person. What if a student does not understand what he’s studying? What if a student is not cleared on the basic logic of the topic? Education is the key to discover the skills of the person. When I was a student at a school I was unable to understand many of the topics which were very important in a student’s life. The student will not lead to the proper education due to unclear basics. This will affect the student’s life and his/her career a lot. Like these many students’ education is affected by unclear basics.

So here’s an idea on which we are working and which will help many students to get the basic knowledge. Here’s an idea for the tutor to teach those student in a way they want to learn.

"Let not a child's Learning be killed by Teaching." -Anonymous

What interests me ?

Lakhan Samani    2015-03-26 07:18:22

When I was doing my primary education I never liked few subjects like History and Literature. I always wondered how can people remember so many things in History and how can history affect the future. I never use to find any relevance of History in my life initially.

But when I was given a computer book and I was asked to learn something related to computer I always liked it. Later on when I grew up I understood that whatever I read in computer book is all history, and I use to hate history then what was the change in me?

I came to know about my Interest and this is what drives your life. Just understand your insight and power within you. You are the Ocean of Powers just drive them in the right direction. Currently when I am pursuing my Masters in Information and Technology I met Mihir, who was like a next inspiration for me. He wants to make everyone know about their interests. He started career as Technical person but drove it towards Psychology. He came up with idea of learn labs.

Using learn labs tool he wants to let children know about their interests. First meeting with him was amazing he expressed all his views and we discussed about building a tool which will helps students to understand their interest area and will help in deciding path of their life. I always wanted to help students and change the way of education which will let student do what they like and master in one of their keen interest area.

This is the project idea which interested me. Thanks to Mihir and lets make education better experience for all.

Learn Labs | Open source project

Lakhan Samani    2015-03-12 07:56:24

Learn labs is a place where students can learn each and every thing in different ways which interests them. It is not only about learning, but it is about gathering that experience which will help student to decide the path of their life. It will help educate students in the way the want.

Learn labs platform is going to provide a complete solution where user students can know each and every technique of learning and gathering information. The various methodologies that can be used for teaching will be the main source of this platform. All people associate with this community can contribute to all such techniques and help other learn in better way

- Lets join and make learning a better experience.